I am running a Solutions-Oriented Campaign.  The major problems affecting our Mesa County is the high unemployment rate and government restrictions that affect the ability of local business to create jobs.

Did you know that if every local business could create one job, there would be virtually no unemployment here in Mesa County?  I am sad to see my friends move out of Mesa County because there are no job opportunities here.

As County Commissioner, I will cut government regulations and work with our local businesses so that they can create jobs.


My Priorities For Our Mesa County:

1)  Job Creation

  • Government stays out of the way of business so that they can create jobs
  • Limited government regulations
  • Economic development should include a focus on local businesses; not just bringing in outside companies.

2)  Public Safety

  • Public safety is a key component of protecting individual rights
  • Make sure public safety is prioritized in our budget
  • A safe community is key to attracting people and keeping them here

3)  Communication

  • Increase communication with community
  • Be accessible to community and listen to their concerns and suggestions
  • Increase communication with local municipalities and develop better partnerships

I want to hear from you!

What issues are important to you?  Please contact me so that we can talk.  I am open and responsive to your concerns and questions, and want to be proactive in addressing the issues that affect you and your family.