Rose Pugliese for Mesa County Commissioner

Economic Development

Government should stay out of the way of business by limiting excessive regulations so that businesses can create jobs.

Economic development should include a focus on local businesses; not just bringing in outside companies.

Public Safety

Public safety is a key component of protecting individual rights. We need to make sure public safety is prioritized in our budget.

A safe community is key to attracting and keeping people in Mesa County.


Government must increase communication with the community and be accessible to them. It is important to listen to concerns and suggestions of residents to improve our community. Increasing communication with local municipalities and developing better partnerships with them will make our community stronger and more efficient.

Economic Development

Promise Kept:  Completed Phase I of the changes to the Land Development Code to make the development process more streamlined and cost-effective for businesses.

New Promise:  Continue to represent Mesa County on local, state and federal issues and fight to protect and enhance our economy.


Promise Kept:  Prioritized public safety in the budget and accelerated key projects and needs.

New Promise:  Balance the budget by continuing to prioritize core county government services.


Promise Kept:  Began budget town halls across Mesa County to give constituents an opportunity to have input into the budget.

New Promise:  Utilize all forms of communication to spread the word about important community issues and obtain feedback from citizens and municipalities on their priorities.